Year 1 Phonics Test

Phonics is taught as a specific lesson for half an hour every day. The programme we follow at De Bohun is ‘Letters and Sounds’. Children are taught as a whole class, and support staff work with children who may need additional guidance.

  • Throughout Reception, children are taught phase 2 and phase 3.
  • During year 1 children are taught a revision of phase 3, phase 4 and all of phase 5. In June of year 1, there is a national phonics test where children are asked to read real and imaginary words.

Please click here to view information about the Year 1 phonics test.

  • Throughout year 2, children revise phase 5 and continue onto phase 6.

The national expectation is that by the end of year 2 children will have completed all of the phases and are confident to apply their phonics in reading and writing.  Some children may be involved in support group learning which is focused on different phases and tailored dependent on their needs.