Tuesday 12 December

The Year 2 Performance at Oakwood Baptist Church is cancelled – as the route is too dangerous. The school will be open from 8:30 am this morning, children can go straight to their classrooms. Please be careful walking and driving to school!

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What’s coming up over the next two weeks at De Bohun?

Tuesday 12 December Nursery & Pre – School Christmas Concert—8:45 am Main Hall Nursery & Pre – School Christmas Concert—12:45 am Main Hall Reception Christmas Concert—2:30 pm Main Hall Year 2 Nativity Performance—10:30am Oakwood Baptist Church Wednesday 13 December KS1 Nativity Performance—9:30 am Main Hall Whole School Christmas Dinner Year 3 & 4 Christmas Concert—2:30 […]

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Year 1 Cake Sale

Please remember, it’s Year 1’s Cake Sale today. 3PM Sharp in the playground! Get them before they are gone!

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