The Governing Body & Financial Information

The Governing Body

The Governing Body at De Bohun works with the school to ensure that all of the pupils at De Bohun enjoy learning and achieve their full potential.

We do this by:

  • Monitoring how well the children are doing in the school
  • Working with the staff to make sure that the teaching is as good as it can be and that all of the children are properly cared for
  • Holding the school’s Leadership Team to account for using the school buildings and our other resources to provide the best learning environment for the children

Please click Governors’ Annual Statement 2019 2020 to view the Governors’ Annual Statement.

The Governing Body is made up of people representing all of the groups involved in our school: parents, staff, the Local Authority, and the Community.  The full Governing Body meets at least once a term as a whole.  We also have sub-committees (Teaching and Learning and Resources) of the Governing Body which meet once a term to look more closely at pupil progress, teaching and learning, the school buildings, and the school’s budget.

We are fortunate to have a Governing Body with a wide variety of skills and interests.

Name Type of Governor
Lucy Peatfield Co-Opted Governor
Bhavesh Patel Co-Opted Governor
Chris Skilbeck Co-Opted Governor
Dominic Smart Head Teacher
Sian Edwards Staff Governor
Nicky Downes Co-Opted Governor
Muir MacKean Co-Opted Governor
Paul Davies Parent Governor
Gordon Stubberfield Co-Opted Governor
Alex Baird Co-Opted Governor
Nikolin Lasku Parent Governor

Muir MacKean – Governor Bio

Alex Baird – Governor Bio

Bhavesh Patel – Governor Bio

Lucy Peatfield – Governor Bio

Nicky Downes – Governor Bio

For further information, please click Terms of Office.

Please click Declarations of Interest 2020 for information on each Governor’s business interests, financial interests and roles in other schools. There are not currently any material interests arising between GB members of relationships between GB members and school staff. Alex Baird is currently a lecturer in Sports and Education.

Please click Governor Attendance Record for 2019-2020

If you’d like to get in touch with the Governing Body, you can write to the Clerk of the Governing Body c/o the school. Alternatively, please contact the Chair of the Governing Body, Lucy Peatfield C/O (

Please click here to read our Standing Orders document. Contained in here are details about voting, decisions and meetings, which can also be viewed here.

Finance Information 

To see the financial information about our school, please follow the link here.

We do not have any school employees on a gross annual salary of over £100,000.