What does Anti-Bullying look like @ De Bohun?

De Bohun Primary School takes seriously the prevention of bullying and the dealing of incidents of bullying. The school employs three different strands of procedures to tackle bullying:

  • Preventative
  • Intervention
  • Support

Preventative Measures

The school believes in creating a safe environment where students feel able to share any concerns or fears. Preventative measures include giving guidance to help prevent bullying through assemblies, lessons, class circle times, supporting national activities such as National Anti-Bullying Week and undertaking an annual survey where all students can give their views on how safe they feel in school.

Intervention Measures

The school will deal with each incident based on the circumstances using our behaviour policy and interventions will vary from restorative meetings and friendship contracts to pupil and parent meetings. We have peer mentors in school who have received training for supporting pupils who disclose that they feel they are being bullied.


The school will offer support to both the victims of bullying so that they feel confident in school and also to children who act as bullies so that they can change the way they behave towards other students. In addition, we can offer support for parents whose children are affected by bullying.

You can download the school’s Anti Bullying leaflet for Parents and children in Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 by clicking the links below.

Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2

How do we deal with it when it happens?

Even though cases of bullying are rare, we need to ensure we deal with it in the most efficient and effective way possible. For guidance on how we deal with accusations and instances of bullying please see our Anti-Bullying Guidance.

SPOT, SHARE, STOP Campaign at De Bohun – CLICK HERE

Useful Links

Here are some useful links for parents and children:
The Anti-bullying Alliance is a coalition of organisations and individuals working together to stop bullying and create a safe environment.
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