Change of INSET day

Dear Parents & Carers

I have taken the decision today to move one of our INSET Days from Monday 6 June to the NEW DATE of Tuesday 4 January 2022 

I have taken this decision to ensure that the school can fully prepare for re-opening on Wednesday 5 January. This will mean we will be able to use that day to look at any staff or pupil absence (due to the increased cases of COVID-19) and put in any plans required. It will also mean I will not be in the position to have to make last minute changes over the holiday should there be increased staff absence.

I fully understand that you may have to make some adjustments for things like child-care, but I have taken this decision to make sure that we are in the very best position for your children to return.

Children will now return to school on Wednesday 5 January 2022.

As ever, thank you for your support. 

Best wishes

Mr Smart