Curriculum, Teaching & Assessment

The Curriculum

We aspire for all our children to ‘thrive’ in the ever changing modern world. Linked directly to our school ethos of ‘Learning to Learn’, this is essential as our children will enter several jobs (many of which haven’t been created or thought of yet), several markets or several new industries.

We teacher subject disciplinary knowledge, with high and equal expectations. Our ambitious curriculum is studied by all, giving children the essential knowledge to prepare them for further success.

How will we achieve this?

Applies to all subjects

  • Skills and knowledge subject progression maps
  • Language rich – creating images of reference for children, whole school distribution of key vocabulary and sticky knowledge
  • Assessment – overwhelming focus on formative assessment

We have developed our very own bespoke assessment tool ‘Mind The Gap’. This allows us to carefully assess children and continually address gaps in learning.

  • Curriculum Enrichment for all. Please visit our website’s News Page
  • Our Mountain Model Learning Journey (see Teaching Expectations)
  • Robust Professional Development for staff

What’s different?

  • Subject Specialists – Music, Computing, French & PE
  • WOW Weeks

 What is a WOW week?

For the week at the end of every half term, we dedicate all our time to foundation subjects, including Art, Design,Technology, History & Geography. Each year group spends a block of time learning the sticky knowledge, skills and vocabulary about a particular subject – which we believe allows them to build on prior learning straight away, rather than having to recap it every week. This allows the children to become fully immersed in their learning, and enhances the outcomes for all children.

Additional subject information

Subject How?
Spelling KS2 45 minutes per week (spelling patterns, test and dictation)

KS1 Phonics, 30 minutes daily. Weekly spelling test and dictation



Reading Please see Reading @ De Bohun
Science Working Scientifically, knowledge and reasoning. Taught weekly.
Maths Focus on Concrete/Pictorial and Abstract, coupled with reasoning for all. Daily Quick maths (recall facts). Olympic timetables. Effective use of manipulatives.
Computing STEM focus , support by our own Robotics team



Using our ‘Climbing the Mountain of Success’ teaching model, we strive to ensure all children reach their potential every lesson. To support this, we believe that feedback is best given at the point of learning, supported by our innovative Feedback & Marking Model. For more information, please view our Teaching Expectations 2019.


Subject specific knowledge is developed through a combination of adult led and child initiated play supporting effective transition into the National Curriculum.

Relevant documents:

  1. Reading @ De Bohun
  2. Assessment Policy 2017 (updated 2018)
  3. Teaching Expectations 2019