Curriculum, Teaching & Assessment


Our curriculum is meticulously planned to ensure that all pupils develop the knowledge, skills and understanding to excel across a range of subjects. Each year group covers specific topics, carefully chosen to match our school’s location and diverse and rich culture.

WOW Weeks 

Following a review of our curriculum in 2017, we wanted to explore an innovative way of ensuring our children could effectively develop their skills and deepen their understanding across the curriculum.So (after a trial) in September 2018 we introduced ‘WOW Weeks’.

For the week at the beginning and end of every term, we dedicate all our time to foundation subjects, including Art, Design & Technology, History, Geography & French. Each year group spends a block of time learning about a particular subject – which we believe allows them to build on prior learning straight away, rather than having to recap it every week. This allows the children to become fully immersed in their learning.

For example, if you spend two days on an Art unit, you are able to learn the skills, apply them and then embed them without losing time having to recap something you did six weeks ago, or for just an hour last week. We have seen dramatic improvement in children’s outcomes across the school. We have also seen our children apply the skills and knowledge learned during these weeks across the curriculum.

In 2019/2020 we will be looking to further enhance this model by developing a fully integrated and progressive curriculum across all subjects.

Please see a recent newsletter (click 11 01 19) which explains more.


Using our ‘Climbing the Mountain of Success’ teaching model, we strive to ensure all children reach their potential every lesson. To support this, we believe that feedback is best given at the point of learning, supported by our innovative Feedback & Marking Model

For more information, please view our Teaching Expectations 2018-20


Have developed our very own bespoke assessment tool ‘ Mind The Gap’. This allows us to carefully assess children and continually address areas gaps in learning, while ensuring all children fulfill their potential. To see our full assessment procedures, please read our Assessment Policy 2017 (updated 2018)