Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We have taken on an ambitious project – to enhance our curriculum through aspiring for all our children to ‘thrive’ (Valerie Hannon) – to be successful in the ever changing modern world. We have a clear two year development plan to fully achieve this by building on our successes since 2017 and  working with Haringey Education Partnership. Due to the context of our school, we have three key threads that run through everything we do.


Becoming a Life-long Learners links directly to our school ethos of ‘Learning to Learn’; our children will enter several jobs (many of which haven’t been created or thought of yet), several markets or several new industries. The need to learn how to ‘thrive’ and be successful in which ever path they take.

Enhancing our curriculum, focusing on building prototypes (giving meaning to abstract nouns or concepts) and developing schemata (a web of background knowledge), will allow our children to enhance their learning through using their long term and working memory more effectively. We have sequenced our curriculum to ensure the very best schemata are developed, ensuring pupil readiness for new or more demanding content and more complex operations.

Reading is an absolutely essential part of what we do, as it is the key to creating life long learner. Reading has been a whole school priority since 2016. As a result of that we have seen a three year rising trend in outcomes. This year, we are consolidating the work we have done so far to ensure a consistent approach right across the school. Please see Reading at De Bohun for an overview of our approach. To support reading further, we have embedded repeated vocabulary across three foundation subjects; History, Geography and R.E, and from September 2020, this will extend across the curriculum.


We aspire for our children to be ‘thrive in the modern world. To achieve this, we fully respect each subject independently. We teach both substantive knowledge (‘what’ you need to know) and disciplinary knowledge (the form of enquiry), with high and equal expectations for all learners. Our staff have planned the order in which pupil learn and practice their skills. Our Skills & Knowledge Subject Progression Maps (P.E, Geography, History, Computing, Religious Education, Art & Design, PHSE, Music & French) show this journey. The skills and knowledge (coupled with developing excellent behaviour for learning) children acquire in EYFS prepare them for the start of this journey in Year 1.

Our Mountain Model Learning Journey fully supports these high aspirations.  Using our ‘Climbing the Mountain of Success’ teaching model, we strive to ensure all children reach their potential every lesson. We aspire to ensuring every child is challenged and in 2018/19 this was a whole school priority.  Every child is always given the opportunity to complete the full learning journey.  To support this, we believe that feedback is best given at the point of learning, supported by our innovative Feedback & Marking Model. For more information, please view our Teaching Expectations 2019.

We know there are certain areas of the curriculum which are enhanced by specific skill-set. We have ensured the very best possible provision for our children by employing subject specialists to teach these subject areas:

For the week at the end of every half term, we dedicate all our time to foundation subjects, including Art, Design, Technology, History & Geography. Each year group spends a block of time learning the substantive & disciplinary knowledge (well supported by substantive knowledge already gained through other subjects) – which we know allows our children to become fully immersed in their learning  and enhances the outcomes for all children.

For our year group Curriculum Journeys, please see WOW Week Curriculum Provision Map 2020-21

Our robust awards systems, linked closely with the high expectations of our Behaviour Policy also support this culture.

We have a dedicated leader for Gifted and Talented children, who ensures that we provide the best possible opportunities across the curriculum, be that Maths Masterclasses, joining the Robotics Team or representing the school in a debate.

This is all supported by robust professional development for all staff.

Our focus is on formative assessment (we have developed our very own bespoke assessment tool ‘Mind The Gap’) This allows us to carefully assess children and continually address gaps in learning.


We have high and equal expectations for all learners. Through individualised provision, our Rainbow and Sunshine Classes and bespoke assessment models we ensure that high aspirations lead to the best outcomes for all children. Our Well-Being Leader ensures that children who may need extra support at a particular point in time receive it, allowing them to continue to thrive. Our Mountain Model teaching structure supports this inclusive practice as all children are have scaffolds to ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve. Our curriculum enrichment is for all children, supporting all our key threads – please visit our website’s News Page


Since our OFSTED Inspection in January 2020, we have continued our work around our Progressive Vocabulary Maps to ensure that: ‘ Leaders should ensure that pupils broaden their vocabulary through
planned exposure to it throughout the curriculum’. We believe that ‘consolidation is not treading water.’ Through planned, repeated exposure, our children will broaden their vocabulary.

Each subject will have a Progressive Vocabulary Map, ready for launch in September 2020 – ensuring effective planned exposure throughout the curriculum. Please click the links below:

Art and Design






PE Indoor

PE Outdoor




Many of our staff are Curriculum Subject Leaders (please visit Who’s who?). Our main school priorities are led by teams to support development. Our Maths Team consists of Peter Warick (Maths Consultant), Sian Edwards (Maths Leader) and Oliver Williamson (Assistant Maths Leader).  Our English Team consists of our three Assistant Head teachers. Our curriculum project is strategically led by our Foundation Subject Leader, Ms Jamil and our Deputy Headteacher, Ms Ansell.

Want to know more? 

To learn more about our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact the school office to arrange an appointment to speak with the specific subject leader (please visit Who’s who?), our Foundation Subject Leader, Ms Jamil or our Deputy Headteacher, Ms Ansell.

Relevant documents:

  1. Reading at De Bohun
  2. Assessment Policy 2017 (updated 2018)
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