Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We have taken on an ambitious project – to enhance our curriculum through aspiring for all our children to ‘thrive’ (Valerie Hannon) – to be successful in the ever changing modern world. Linked directly to our school ethos of ‘Learning to Learn’, this is essential. Our children will enter several jobs (many of which haven’t been created or thought of yet), several markets or several new industries. We have a clear two year development plan to fully achieve this, building on our successes since 2016, working with Haringey Education Partnership.

Enhancing our curriculum, focusing on building prototypes (giving meaning to abstract nouns or concepts) and developing schemata (a web of background knowledge), will allow our children to enhance their learning through using their long term and working memory more effectively. We have sequenced our curriculum to ensure the very best schemata are developed, ensuring pupil readiness for new or more demanding content and more complex operations.

We fully respect each subject independently. We teach both substantive knowledge (‘what’ you need to know) and disciplinary knowledge (the form of enquiry), with high and equal expectations for all learners.

How will we achieve this?

Applies to all subjects

  • Skills & Knowledge Subject Progression Maps (P.E, Geography, History, Computing, Religious Education, Art & Design, SMSC, Music & French)
  • Language rich –  whole school distribution of key vocabulary
  • Assessment – focus on formative assessment (we have developed our very own bespoke assessment tool ‘Mind The Gap’. This allows us to carefully assess children and continually address gaps in learning).
  • Curriculum Enrichment for all. Please visit our website’s News Page
  • Our Mountain Model Learning Journey (see Teaching Expectations 2019)
  • Robust Professional Development for staff


Reading is an absolutely essential part of what we do. Reading has been a whole school priority since 2016. As a result of that we have seen a three year rising trend in outcomes. However, we are still focusing on this area. This year, we are consolidating the work we have done so far to ensure a consistent approach right across the school. Please see Reading at De Bohun for an overview of our approach.

English and Maths 

To see what we do visit here.

Subject Specialists

We know there are certain areas of the curriculum which are enhanced by specific skill-set. We have ensured the very best possible provision for our children by employing subject specialists to teach these subject areas.

Our Physical Education Curriculum is taught by Non-Stop Action.

Our Computing Curriculum and Robotics Team (The Griffins) are lead by Ms Gregoriou.

Our Music Curriculum is led by Ms Conway

Our French Curriculum is led by Mrs Oueslati

WOW Weeks

For the week at the end of every half term, we dedicate all our time to foundation subjects, including Art, Design, Technology, History & Geography. Each year group spends a block of time learning the substantive & disciplinary knowledge (well supported by substantive knowledge already gained through other subjects) – which we know allows our children to become fully immersed in their learning  and enhances the outcomes for all children.

For our year group Curriculum Journeys WOW Week Map 2019-2020


Using our ‘Climbing the Mountain of Success’ teaching model, we strive to ensure all children reach their potential every lesson. To support this, we believe that feedback is best given at the point of learning, supported by our innovative Feedback & Marking Model. For more information, please view our Teaching Expectations 2019.


Subject specific knowledge is developed through a combination of adult led and child initiated play supporting effective transition into the National Curriculum.


Many of our staff are Curriculum Subject Leaders (please visit Who’s who?). The whole school project is overseen by our Curriculum Leader, Ms Jamil and our Deputy Headteacher, Ms Ansell.

Relevant documents:

  1. Reading at De Bohun
  2. Assessment Policy 2017 (updated 2018)
  3. Teaching Expectations 2019