De Bohun’s Musicians at Wigmore Hall – Wednesday 4th December

A group of instrumental players from De Bohun’s years 4, 5 and 6 attended a wonderful concert for schools at Wigmore Hall last week entitled ‘Beethoven and the Science of Sound’.  The children listened to a selection of string quartet pieces, including music by Beethoven (still catching audiences out even 200 years after his death!!), performed by The Heath Quartet and also found out more about stringed instruments, metronomes and the way Beethoven continued to compose long after he became deaf.

Our pupils all came away from the concert inspired by the music and the surroundings of the beautiful Wigmore Hall – a venue renowned across the world for having near perfect acoustics.

The Wigmore Hall team runs a busy programme of both educational and family concerts.  Why not spend some time browsing their website and perhaps book to take your child to one of their wonderful events?